“It should be punished” – Measures Act changed: Closures are now threatened

On Thursday evening in the National Council, the COVID Measures Act was changed in addition to the decision on general compulsory vaccination. District administrative authorities can now close businesses for a maximum of one week if there have previously been three violations of the law.

If a company has been fined three times for the same non-compliance with the measures – such as exceeding a personal limit or missing verification of evidence – it now faces an immediate one-week closure by notification as well as supervisory bodies under the Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act are authorized to review current COVID measures. “Every company must be punished” Minister of Tourism Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP) emphasized on Thursday that she had campaigned for tightening in this area: “Every single company that Anyone who violates the Corona measures must be punished.” The “tougher penalties” will increase the control pressure.


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