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Experts accuse Pope Benedict XVI. misconduct in four cases of abuse. The report on sexualized assaults commissioned by the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising names at least 497 victims between 1945 and 2019. It also includes Cardinal Ratzinger’s tenure as archbishop in Munich – and accuses him of false information in a particularly serious case. The current archbishop, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, has also been accused of misconduct in two cases of abuse. Go to Article

The Cruel Church. The management of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising has systematically tolerated and covered up the abuse of children. Not least under Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. For decades she showed a lot of understanding for the perpetrators – but unfortunately not for the victims. To the commentary (SZ Plus)

Baerbock warns Russia of “serious consequences”. The European peace order will also be protected if the measures “have economic consequences for us,” says the German Foreign Minister. Her US counterpart, Blinken, made it clear that any border crossing by Russian troops into Ukraine would be aggression. News on the Ukraine crisis

EXCLUSIVE Tax authorities target German tax havens. Tax offices should check whether companies are only ostensibly settling in places with low business tax. There are even “virtual company offices” that can be used to drastically reduce taxes on municipalities. That costs the state a billion euros a year. To the article (SZ Plus)

Actor Hardy Krüger has died at the age of 93. The young Eberhard Krüger was to become a staunch National Socialist. Instead, he became Hardy Krüger: a globetrotter who made a career for himself alongside John Wayne. To the obituary

Turkish central bank changes course. Inflation has risen enormously in Turkey, and the central bank is keeping interest rates stable for the first time in months. This deviates from President Erdoğan’s previous strategy. Go to Article

Munich must allow BDS events. The city refused to provide space for the anti-Israel campaign. According to the Federal Administrative Court, this violates freedom of expression. Mayor Reiter speaks of a “setback for democratic urban society”. Go to Article

Cameras discovered in the Metzingen handball players’ locker room. The manager speaks of a “disgusting act”. The police have already identified a suspect – a person close to the team. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day:

The most important thing about the corona virus

Austria is giving away 500-euro vouchers to those who have been vaccinated. The government wants to provide up to one billion euros for a vaccination fleet, and communities with high vaccination rates should also be rewarded. To the Corona News

Besides that:

That interested a lot of people today

The torturer of Homs. A man is on trial in Frankfurt who allegedly abused prisoners in Syria and boasted of inventing a new method of torture. In Germany he worked as a doctor – and was considered an example of successful integration. Go to Article

Once is never. With the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, two syringes are now required for primary immunization and the third as a booster. Once vaccinated, they no longer fall under the 2-G rule. Go to Article

Mali denied Bundeswehr aircraft overflight. The military junta has been hampering air traffic for the UN mission Minusma for a week. The overflight ban is already having a serious impact on the deployment of German soldiers. Go to Article

Last but not least

Around the world in 156 days. Zara Rutherford completes her spectacular flight, a parasitic worm is named after Jeff Daniels, and a Nobel Prize winner in Physics is thwarted by a porn movie. Go to Article

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