Podemos opposes sending military personnel to the Black Sea




Podemos has published a very forceful statement on its website against the sending of Navy personnel by the Government to the Black Sea and the involvement of Spain. This same Thursday, given the escalation of tension between Russia and Ukraine, the Defense Minister, Margaret Oaks, has confirmed the frigate shipping advance ‘Blas de Lezo’, which will be part of a NATO mission.

According to Podemos, “talking about NATO is talking about the Cold War”. A stage that from the purple party warn that “it has already been overcome” and that if they “recreate it”, they insist, “we would all lose”. The statement published at the end of the afternoon this Thursday unleashes another clash within the Government of a coalition because it directly opposes a decision by the Defense Ministry.

«From Podemos we receive with deep concern the increase in war tension in Ukraine and we reject the increase in troop movements and the sending of ships and fighters to the area», they explain in said text.

«The tensions between the US and Russia cannot be transferred within the EU because we would all lose. Nor can it be the moment in which the moment of tension is used from within the EU to advance positions that have little of Europeanism, “they add next. For her part, Minister Robles insists on Spain’s commitment to the Atlantic Alliance and stresses that the position regarding this conflict is that of the “de-escalation” and diplomatic response.

But not only Podemos has reacted from outside the Government. The Secretary of State for Agenda 2030 and leader of the PCE, Henry Santiago, has verbalized on Twitter the discomfort of United We Can, calling the reaction of NATO and the participation of Spain a “serious mistake” and “strategically clumsy”.

“Europe must contribute measures to de-escalate the US-Russia conflict, avoid militarizing it and give guarantees of peace for the parties”, Santiago wrote. The message of the Secretary of State of United We Can is faithful to the statement of the purple party. United We Can refuse to follow NATO and ask for “strategic autonomy” for Spain. “Have pindependent policies that allow us to defend our own interests and values ​​in foreign, commercial, defense or human rights policy; not those of the US, nor those of Russia nor those of China, ”they also point out in the statement.

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