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Not even a week has passed since the reopening of the house of secrets, and the tenants of the second edition of ‘Secret Story’ they have already given more content than most ‘VIPs’ in a contest month. Fights, folders, strategy and coexistence: anonymous people have revolutionized Guadalix de la Sierra.

Charles Sovereign leads this Wednesday, January 19, the second gala of ‘Secret Story. The house of secrets’, that apart from the first nominations, reviews the highlights of the first days of coexistence. A very very busy week.

Infuriating the twins are unrivaled. Laila Y Nissy they have already had a brawl with half the house; the fattest and most unfortunate, with Elena, Alatzne Y Carmen.

The shower shifts, the salt in the food… Any mess is good to hurl insults and make a ‘show’. They only need to confront each other, but everything will work out.

However, the scuffles between those who compete for the role of evil in the edition have remained in the background to their misfortune, since according to them, they envy them because they are prettier, in addition to boasting of having more fans than the rest.

Álvaro, the hurricane contestant

The thing is that during the first debate on the ‘reality’, hosted by Toni Moreno, one last contestant entered the house, further stirring up the staff. Is about Alvaro, a 27-year-old man from Madrid who works as an inspector in a town in Albacete. Nothing peculiar if it weren’t for the fact that, in addition to being gifted, he has had no problem showing his most competitive and strategic side from the first moment. “I don’t mind destroying the opponent if I achieve my goals with it,” he said in his presentation video.

Before meeting his colleagues, he also commented that he was presented with “the opportunity to experience a unique strategy game from the inside.” If his tactic was to make himself hated, he succeeded. A joke in bad taste put him on a war footing with practically the entire house.

Also, like the rest of the contestants, Alvaro he had to face a dilemma by way of welcome; in his case, to be the bearer of a pink ostrich egg that symbolizes immunity. In the ‘Mother of Dragons’ style, the new inhabitant of Guadalix had to choose whether to keep it or give it up; he chose to keep it, although if someone else stole it and reached the nominations with it, he would have immunity in his hands, as it has been. In an oversight, the twins Nissy Y Laila They managed to grab it.

The late entry of Alvaro It was a master move ‘Secret Story’, as it has served to move the pieces on the board without leading to the plot of all against one that is already so seen.

Hector, from bad to worse

Days after his overwhelming welcome, the new tenant has recruited several allies; with the only one with whom he has not reached a point of understanding is with Hector. The canary with a televangelist complex affirms that “buenrollismo” is his religion, although with Alvaro the only doctrine that he has been seen preaching is that of gangsterism.

By forcefully removing the egg from him while calling him “asshole” and “subnormal”, the canary’s mask definitely fell off. For viewers, it is already sentenced.

Inside the house, other colleagues like Rafa,Alatzne y Brenda, they have also penetrated it. «Hector he is a ghost, he needs to be a scribe in Mesopotamia”, they cracked about him. “It fries my brain, a free paraphernalia, moral lessons…”, the Madrilenian stayed.

And what would a ‘reality’ be without a love story (or whatever comes up)? The connection between Alberto Y Elena It’s about to candy. «I had promised my mother that I would not do anything, but it has happened like this. I haven’t been looking for it. I’m going to live it. I can not do anything. I’m going to keep going and see what happens”, says the polyglot Sevillian. At the moment they already have the ‘haters’ (with the twins in the lead) accusing them of being shelved. A whole classic.

so intense is being ‘Secret Story 2’ that in seven days he has given even for unrequited arrows, such as that of Cora toward Adrián. «Physically he is my prototype of a boy, and personality too, he transmits a lot of tranquility to me. Every time he speaks, I get empanada, “he confessed. She wants to get to know him better, but he prefers to keep his distance from the Barcelona woman. “I don’t want anything here,” he assured.

Who does not want to detach the favorite teacher of Twitter is March. The connection between the people of La Mancha grows every day while the ‘shippers’ are attentive to every approach, chat, or furtive glance between the super friends. In that house you never know.

The first list of nominees

Carmen was chosen as soon as she entered as the first nominee for ‘Secret Story. The house of secrets’. The woman from Cordoba with verbal incontinence did not please the spectators. The names of the other three candidates to become the first expelled remained to be known. In ‘El Cubo’, individually and secretly, the contestants participate in the first round of nominations. They are accompanied by a very special being: the macaw Gus.

Getting him to talk was the way to get 6 extra points to crack his rivals. Adrián he prefers not to try, claiming that he has no one to give those extra points to. He probably wouldn’t have made it either. The animal is hard to crack, so no one gets a word out of it.

Well served to points, Alvaro (31) and Hector (22) are the most nominated by their peers. The provisional list of nominees had grown considerably to six people as a result of the pact of Alatzne Y Rafa to go up to Adrián. At the end, Colchero breaks the tie With which, the Guipuzcoan, who accumulates 10 points, is the fourth contestant on the tightrope.

But on this show no one is safe from dramatic twists. Sovereign drops the bomb: a direct nominee can join the list. Yes Gus repeat one of the names, that contestant automatically becomes a candidate for expulsion. So much hype for nothing, because the macaw continues in his line, taking a vow of silence.

The secrets of the contestants revealed at the first gala, each one fights to get the pink polyhedron they call a sphere. Once the numbers have been assigned and the presentations have been made with the decisive button, the game of secrets finally begins.

And so, ‘Secret Story’running at full capacity.

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