The comprehensive rehabilitation of the Prado Gardens will begin at the end of June




The Councilor for Sustainable Environmental Policy of
Talavera of the Queen
, Sergio de la Llave, has detailed how they are finalizing the preliminary works for the integral rehabilitation of the Prado Gardens, which has already been awarded to the joint venture formed by RFE Initiatives and Forest Infrastructure and the Environment for 1,020,000 euros, VAT included, and could start at the end of June.

De la Llave defined the action as “great depth” and for which a complete preliminary study of the trees and other structural elements, such as ceramics, has already been carried out.

Of the 439 trees in the gardens, 266 copies will be replaced, in addition to hedges and the different spaces will be equipped with seasonal plants and a lateral rose garden will be installed on the strip parallel to Avenida de Extremadura, where a lateral promenade will also be created.

Most of the trees that will be replanted will be with adult specimens and thus not lose the great splendor of this green space and native species will be used.

An update and improvement of the hydraulic network of this green lung will also be undertaken, with the installation of a new sanitation network, a water collector and a more efficient and sustainable irrigation system.

The project includes actions related to paving, among which the maintenance of all the paving that characterizes the central promenade of the gardens stands out and the rest of the pavements linked to albero earthen promenades will be replaced.

It is a large-scale action that will occupy more than two hectares, 60% intended for walks and transit and recreation of people and 35% for green infrastructure. For this reason, in the work plan that the company has presented, the gardens have been divided into three phases. The mayor advanced that the evolution of the works is conditioned to the reconsideration act, the planting season and the transitability and important dates from the social point of view, such as Easter, Mondas or the Book Fair, will be respected.

The physical works could begin at the end of the first half of this year or the beginning of the next and an execution period of about six months is estimated.

ceramic elements

The work has a high technical content, so all actions for structural rehabilitation and ceramic elements will have a restorer technician. “We are talking about the first historic garden in the autonomous community, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, so all the technical requirements set by Heritage will be met.

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