The Generalitat Valenciana is committed to an alliance with Catalonia and the Balearic Islands to bring linguistic immersion from classrooms to homes




The Minister of the Generalitat Valenciana Vicent Marzà (Compromís), has expressed its commitment to bring the language immersion from classrooms to homes, in a forum in Barcelona with political leaders from Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. “Our students go to schools, use our language, and when they get home they stop using it. That is where the difficulty lies,” he said.

In a round table on the language in Catalunya Ràdio collected by Europa Press, the head of Education, Culture and Sports of the government team of the socialist Ximo Puig, has advocated for coordinated strategies with its Catalan and Balearic counterparts on the use of Catalan -in particular, through the public televisions– and regretted that there is “a will to recoil by State structures”, among which he mentioned the courts.

Marzà has vindicated the law promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana against thelinguistic segregation» which, in his opinion, occurred with the students of the same center who studied either in Spanish or in Valencian, while now 56% of the students use the latter language as the vehicular language, according to his data.

According to him, the challenge is for schoolchildren to continue speaking Valencian outside of class through new language revitalization solutions.

“Disloyal to the Valencians”

After knowing these manifestations of Marzà, the vice-secretary of Territory, Community and Culture of the PPCV, Maria Jose Ferrer San Segundo, has rejected the minister’s intentions: «Puig and Marzà are disloyal to the Valencians encouraging the implantation of independence in the Valencian Community». Also with public funds, after knowing the subsidies to various entities that promote this ideology, according to the popular representative.

Ferrer San Segundo has warned that the Compromís representative «expressly bets on coordinated strategies with Catalonia and the Balearic Islands on the use of Catalan» and, in particular, «through public television». A claim that “supports the silent Ximo Puig, because he is the president and the person most responsible: if it were not his will, the minister would oppose and resign. But it has not done so despite the dozens of court rulings that have declared these regulations illegal.

For the popular spokeswoman, the president “is encouraging the growing Catalanist offensive ‘pro països’ in the Valencian Community» and, in his opinion, «the continuous aggressions of the Catalan independentistas to this land where a small minority acts as a Trojan horse of Catalan expansionist imperialism are intolerable».

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