“Unsustainable” situation in the Torrijos public residence due to lack of staff




The Toledo Social Welfare Company Committee has denounced this Thursday the “unsustainable situation” in which both workers and users find themselves -most of them large dependents- of the ‘Quijote y Sancho’ public residence for the elderly in
(100% dependent on the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha), a situation that is motivated by a pressing lack of personnel.

At a press conference, the president of the Company Committee (UGT), María José Bedoya, reported on the complaint filed with the Labor Inspectorate for non-compliance with the collective agreement and that there are workers who accumulate up to 40 days of rest not enjoyed , something that has also been denounced in the public residence of Talavera.

Beyond the working conditions that the 34 nursing assistants have to face, the works council and the workers themselves regret that the solution to cover these breaks has been to reduce the auxiliary staff to levels prior to the start of the pandemic, even below the minimum, “and that knowing that said daily staff has proven insufficient to be able to provide quality care.” At the moment there are 34 assistants for 80 large dependents.

Bedoya –accompanied by the representatives of STAS, Margarita Rodríguez; from CCOO, Soraya García, and from CSIF, Sara Alocén- has given as an example that these workers only have an average of six minutes to serve each resident, many of them highly dependent who need very precise and complicated care. “We find ourselves at the perverse crossroads of having to decide whether workers should perform adequate hygiene in a reasonable time at the cost of delaying breakfast or taking medication.”

He has also stated that, “after two years of a pandemic where we have worked our butts off in the worst circumstances, we are not going to allow them to push us to pay poor attention to our residents.”

From the works council they understand that this residence needs – for more than 10 years – an increase in the workforce of, at least, another six nursing assistants, as well as reinforcing the personnel of other categories.

If the administration does not take action on the matter, they assure that they will take more forceful measures, such as mobilizations.

In these same terms, Soraya García, representative of the Workers’ Commissions, has expressed herself, who has also pointed out that, “at the same time that we asked for the creation of six nursing assistant positions, the administration set up six coordinator positions without us having Their functions are very clear.

“This works council has been warning the Board for years that the coordination of our centers is in the hands of Sescam personnel, personnel who are accustomed to managing health centers but not socio-sanitary. The organization cannot and should not be the same”, pointed out the head of CSIF, Sara Alocén.

Margarita Rodríguez, from STAS CLM, has shown that “for many years at the ‘Quijote y Sancho’ nursing home in Torrijos, compliance with the collective agreement has not been guaranteed, which has repercussions on the health of the workers and it ends up impacting the quality of care.”

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