BeReal, the new social network that goes beyond filters and wants you to show yourself as you are




Finding reality in social networks is possible. While tools like Instagram The TikTok they get millions of users every month, new platforms try to become strong within the niche of innocence. Giving up the trap and the cardboard of the beautifying filters that are so popular in other places. Among them, one of the ones that has been making the most noise in recent months is BeReal. And there you have it. The name itself makes it perfectly clear what it promises: only reality.

Available for iOS and Android, this application of French origin, which exceeded 300,000 monthly unique users last May, is reaping moderate success in Spain after making a name for itself, especially in France (where it is native) and countries in the center and north of Europe.

Whoever opens an account, and browses through it, will find images taken spontaneously. The same appears a girl lying on the sofa reading a book as a group of teenagers taking advantage of a break between classes. Come on, nothing fancy. Neither currado dances, nor dream vacations, nor perched on the beach.

The BeReal user does not have much time to think about the photograph he is going to take. You only have 2 minutes for it and it is only possible to do it at a specific time throughout the day. When a notification appears on the screen of the ‘smartphone’ in which you are warned about it. And besides, you can only share one each day. Well, one that is actually two, because when you ‘click’ on the capture button, one is taken with the rear camera of the ‘smartphone’ and another with the front. These are shared at the same time. There is also the possibility of adding geolocation, although it is optional.

So are the rules
So are the rules

Soon with videos

The application, deep down, does not have much mystery. The user has few functionalities at his disposal, basically everything is limited to sharing a daily photograph that, depending on what the Internet user wants, can be restricted to their friends on the platform or to all users through a section called ‘Discovery’. Precisely, it is there where you can browse the publications made by others, even if they are not contacts.

You can also react to photos using the RealMoji. There are six different options and, in order to use them, the user will have to take a different selfie for each one.

At the moment, the BeReal experience is limited to photos. However, the app claims that it is working on new features. Among them, the possibility of making videos, as recognized in the frequently asked questions section of the platform. If the experience, for the moment, does not know you enough, you should also take into account that you can share the photos you take on other social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

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