Britain considers troop increases in Baltics and Poland

AThe British government is considering sending hundreds more soldiers to the Baltic States and Poland in light of the Russian troop presence on the border with Ukraine, a report says. This is intended to increase deterrence against Russia, the Times newspaper reported, citing a source at the Ministry of Defense in London.

830 British soldiers are currently stationed in Estonia, and another 140 as part of a NATO mission in Poland. The additional units could be deployed quickly should NATO allies in Eastern Europe face an increased Russian troop presence on their border, the source quoted the paper as saying.

According to the newspaper, around 100 British soldiers are currently deployed in Ukraine as part of a training mission. About 30 others were recently dispatched to train the Ukrainian army in the use of around 2,000 anti-tank missiles that London was sending to Ukraine.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, meanwhile, warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against making a “huge strategic mistake”. Russia will have to pay a high price for a Russian attack on Ukraine, Truss said in a speech in Sydney, Australia on Friday. “We are ready to impose significant sanctions,” Truss said.

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Truss warned that even if the Russian military has the upper hand in the conflict with Ukraine, Moscow’s army could also suffer severe losses in the event of an invasion. “Ukraine is a proud country with a long history,” she stressed. “If they have to, Ukrainians will fight to defend their country.”

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