Corona irritations in Germany are getting bigger

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From: Stephanie Munk

Millions of people are affected by corona innovations that the government recently issued. But some decisions are irritating. Virologists and politicians are critical.

As far as new corona regulations are concerned, events are currently unfolding. Almost every day there are new regulations regarding the measures to contain the corona virus*. Who keeps track of that? And not only that: virologists and politicians criticize the decisions as arbitrary and not scientifically sound enough.

New corona rules: Johnson & Johnson vaccinated people lose vaccination status overnight

From one day to the next, around three million Johnson&Johnson* vaccinated people in Germany lost their vaccination status. Until last Tuesday (January 18), anyone who has been vaccinated once with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is considered fully immunized. Suddenly this is no longer the case: Now it is required that Johnson & Johnson vaccinated people are also vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine (Moderna* or Biontech/Pfizer*). The Paul Ehrlich Institute announced this on Tuesday. A third injection with Moderna or Biontech/Pfizer is to follow three months later. Only then are people who have been vaccinated by Johnson & Johnson considered to have been boosted – and can, for example, gain access to areas in which 2Gplus applies without having to submit an additional test.

But not only do Johnson & Johnson vaccinates have to deal with the sudden loss of their vaccination status, there are also different rules that apply from state to state, which are not easy to understand. It takes some research to find out what status you have in which region of Germany. Some federal states are just in the process of adapting their laws to those of the federal government – so something can change again at any time. In addition, many people are probably wondering why, for example, different rules on vaccination status apply in Bavaria than in Baden-Württemberg. After all, the virus shouldn’t care about national borders.

Arbitrary Corona decision? Recovered status invalid after three months

Another corona hammer that affects millions of people in Germany has been in effect since the weekend: the recovered status is no longer valid for six, but only for three months. After that, the same rules apply to those who have recovered as to those who have not been vaccinated. This means that they are excluded from many parts of social life. This was announced by the Robert Koch Institute* on its website at short notice.

Several things cause irritation. First, on what facts is this decision based? There does not seem to be any clear scientific evidence that people who have recovered are no longer protected against the corona virus after three months *. The renowned virologist Hendrik Streeck has now also criticized this world: “We really have to be careful that the decisions are based on sound knowledge and are not made haphazardly.”

It should also be incomprehensible that in Austria six months are still considered recovered, in Switzerland even twelve months. The decision-makers in all three countries refer to scientific facts. “You have to explain to people that the convalescent status is valid for twelve months in Switzerland, but only three in this country,” said CDU Prime Minister Tobias Hans world.

Criticism of Corona resolutions: “It’s not enough to write a rule change on a website”

In addition, the way in which the decision was communicated, which affects millions of those who have recovered, is irritating. “It’s not enough to write a rule change on a website,” Minister President Hans continues to annoy. Transitional periods are also needed so that those affected can react. The Bavarian FDP politician Matthias Fischbach also criticized loudly world the non-transparent decision and lack of justification for the shortened convalescent status.

A new corona hammer could soon be added: According to a Bundestag report, millions of vaccinated people could soon lose their entitlement to continued payment of wages during quarantine. But not only new resolutions, but also a new “trend” in the matter of Corona is causing a stir: top virologist Ciesik now urgently warns against carelessness.* * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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