Every fifth retirement pension under 500 euros

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A particularly large number of small pensions are paid in the West and to women. © Felix Kästle/dpa

The AfD speaks of “decades of irresponsible pension policy”. The Ministry of Social Affairs emphasizes that low pensions are often found in high-income households.

Berlin – About every fifth pensioner in Germany receives less than 500 euros in pension per month. This emerges from a response from the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs to a request from AfD MP René Springer, which the dpa has received.

Around 3.4 million old-age pensions were less than 500 euros at the end of 2020, which was 19.8 percent, according to the information. Around half (49.5 percent) of the pensions were less than 1,000 euros a month. A particularly large number of small pensions are paid in the West and to women. Springer spoke of “decades of irresponsible pension policy”.

In its reply, however, the Ministry notes that a low pension from the statutory pension insurance says little about the overall income in old age. Small pensions result above all from very short contribution periods, for example due to “short employment biographies, as was often the case for women in the old federal states” or also due to the change in the insured status from statutory pension insurance to civil service pensions.

Common in high-income households

Low pensions are “much more common” in high-income households, according to the government’s Pensions Report.

There are a total of around 21 million pensioners in Germany. This includes not only old-age pensioners, but also people who receive survivor’s or disability pensions. dpa


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