Iran’s First Lady Fan of Michelle Obama book

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The biography of the former First Lady of the USA, Michelle Obama, became a world bestseller. That finds imitators. © Uncredited/Netflix/AP/dpa

The US is Iran’s archenemy. A statement by the Iranian president’s wife is all the more surprising: Jamileh Alamolhoda wants to be inspired by a former American First Lady.

Tehran – The wife of Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi plans to write a book similar to that of former US First Lady Michelle Obama.

“I recently read the book (“Becoming”) and found it very beautiful, exciting and impressive,” Jamileh Alamolhoda said, according to Iranian media on Friday. She then read a few passages from the book to her husband, who then advised her to write a similar book.

For Iran, the United States has been Iran’s archenemy since the Islamic revolution almost 43 years ago. The two countries have not had diplomatic relations for just that long. Therefore, the first lady’s positive comments about Michelle Obama’s book, which has been translated several times in Iran and is one of the bestsellers, came as a great surprise.

No “Cinderella Story”

Michelle Obama’s autobiography was released simultaneously worldwide on November 13th. On 421 pages, the now 58-year-old wife of ex-President Barack Obama describes her career – from childhood in the rough south of Chicago to the White House. The book became a worldwide bestseller.

Her book, unlike Obama’s, should not be a “Cinderella story” about a normal girl who made it to the First Lady of the United States. Rather, she wants to present an Islamic version of it to the world – and the ideals of Iranian Muslim women. “The greatest achievement of the Islamic revolution is martyrdom,” said the President’s wife. Therefore, she also wants to be inspired by women whose husbands were martyred, according to the Schafaghna news portal, the 57-year-old said.

The Iranian first lady is the daughter of influential cleric Ahmad Alamolhoda, who is seen as a hardliner in political circles. Her husband is considered ultra-conservative. He tries to portray Iran as a modern Islamic state. His wife wants to get involved in women’s affairs, but all within a strictly Islamic framework. dpa

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