Mañueco guarantees a “fiscal shield” against Sánchez “by law or in court”




The president of the Board and popular candidate to revalidate his position, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, has guaranteed this Thursday that if he is re-elected to carry out a “tax shield” to “prevent” that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, “force us to raise taxes in the Community”. During his speech at the closing of the ‘Meeting on Public Services’ in Ávila, he has assured in this line that he will defend the fiscal autonomy of Castilla y León and if necessary, he has warned that “a law” would be approved in the Cortes and even would go “to court” in an initiative follows the path to the proposal of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

“We are the Community with the most favorable tax policy for families”, Fernández Mañueco has highlighted, they assure that “while Sánchez wants to raise taxes, we lower them”.

In addition to not have paid the pending VAT of December 2017, “He marginalizes us with European funds, despises us with budgets and wants to force us to raise taxes,” he denounced before pointing out that «Here the Inheritance Tax is not going to be replenished and they are not going to force us to raise the Income Tax”, but the regional section will be reduced. “Out of pride here we are not going to be punished anymore. In Castilla y León, no”, he replied, reports Ical.

He has also reiterated that all lYoung people applying for rental assistance, and meet the requirements, they will receive 50 percent of the income from the Board, 75 percent in rural areas, whether or not they have income with the “ambition” of reaching 20,000 young people in the next legislature, thanks to a “investment of 35 million”. Faced with these data, he has spoken of the “inefficiency” of Sánchez with a bond that he has called a “cheating measure”, with “a thousand loose ends and an insufficient budget” that it will reach “a small number of citizens”.

In that same act, the Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities and number one on the PP list for Zamora, Isabel Blanco, has criticized the Government for the management of the Minimum Vital Income, “a good measure, yes, but poorly managed”. “You cannot give an IMV for anything, social services have to be the entrance door but also the exit door,” he assured before accusing the central Executive of “having left the most vulnerable families lying around”.

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