Merkel renounces posts before the CDU party congress

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From: Cindy Boden

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) leaves the hall during a session of the Bundestag (archive image) © Michael Kappeler/dpa

Angela Merkel is no longer chancellor, but she still gets job and post offers. Apparently she hardly wants to know anything about her party anymore.

Berlin – Merkel has so far remained true to the line she drew for her retirement as chancellor: namely, to stay away from politics to a large extent. According to the outgoing CDU party leader Armin Laschet, the former head of government Angela Merkel * does not want to become honorary chairman of the CDU *. The basic question is whether that is still appropriate, said Laschet in the RTL / ntv “early start”. “Angela Merkel also came to the decision: It no longer fits in with the times. We don’t have an honorary chairman – that’s a tradition from the past that doesn’t exist at the federal level,” said the CDU politician.

Angela Merkel renounces honorary presidency of the CDU – and also cancels Merz

The question of the honorary chairmanship was discussed with regard to an old case. “The last honorary chairman was Helmut Kohl, who then resigned from the honorary chairmanship.” Former Chancellor Kohl gave up his honorary presidency in 2000 because of the donation scandal. On Saturday, the CDU meets for its party conference, at which Friedrich Merz is to be elected as the new chairman*.

But Merkel didn’t just cancel the honorary presidency: Like him Spiegel reported, she will not attend a dinner with Friedrich Merz on Saturday either. According to information from Union circles, the designated party leader invited all ex-CDU leaders who were still alive to sit together at a dinner after his election as party leader. Members of the old and new Presidium were also invited.

Wolfgang Schäuble and Armin Laschet are said to have agreed. But neither Merkel nor Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. The former chancellor’s office led loudly Spiegel “Schedule reasons”, at Kramp-Karrenbauer it’s probably private. The fact that Merkel was becoming somewhat alienated from her party was already evident towards the end of her chancellorship. She has often had arguments with Friedrich Merz in the past, and the two often have different views.

Merkel cancels the UN – appearance at the Federal Assembly expected

Merkel has also been offered another post – by the UN. But even then she politely declined. Shortly before her retirement, when asked what she wanted to do when she retired, she repeatedly emphasized that she wanted to sleep first and also travel a lot. At the Federal Assembly to elect the Federal President on February 13, she will have a small appearance again. (dpa/cibo) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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