MFG press conference failed due to 2G rule

Another measure against the spread of the corona virus was fatal to her: the performance planned in a cafe in the 1st district of Vienna could not take place there due to a lack of 2G proof.

The appointment with MFG federal chairman Michael Brunner could not take place in the location due to the 2G rule, the cafe confirmed at the request of APA. According to the party, they wanted to present people with vaccination damage in order to point out the risk of heart muscle inflammation (myocarditis) after vaccination.

Health experts cannot understand these concerns. “The probability of myocarditis after the corona vaccination is very low,” said Bernhard Metzler at the request of the APA. The President of the Austrian Cardiological Society (ÖKG) pointed out that the risk of heart damage from Covid disease is many times higher. In addition, myocarditis as a side effect of the vaccination is usually very mild and has no relevance for the future.

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