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What is important today

EXKLUSIV Seehofer apparently had criticism of the AfD weakened by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Should the Office for the Protection of the Constitution monitor the entire AfD? There is a report by the domestic secret service in two versions. The second arose when the then Minister of the Interior intervened in January 2021 and apparently influenced his AfD rating at a confidential meeting with the head of the service. A comparison shows that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution took a milder view of the extreme right-wing attitudes in the party afterwards. To the article (SZ Plus)

Pope Benedict XVI blames others. A 2019 essay for the Bavarian clergy sheet gives insights into the thoughts of the emeritus head of the church: He blames the sexual freedom fought for by the 1968ers and the devil for the abuse. He came like a bad calamity from outside the church – Ratzinger confirms this narrative. He has also earned merit in the fight against abuse. To the article (SZ Plus)

Merz wants more than 80 percent. This Saturday, the former Merkel adversary is to be officially elected as the new CDU chairman. “An eight in front would be nice,” he said Süddeutsche Zeitung when asked about his desired election result. In the member survey about the presidency in December, Merz came up with 62.1 percent, but at that time he still had two opponents: the foreign politician Röttgen and the former Chancellor Braun. Go to Article

Russia announces naval maneuvers. According to the Defense Ministry, the Russian fleets are to practice from the Pacific to the Atlantic in January and February. 140 warships and about 10,000 soldiers are involved. Britain warns Russia and China against strong Western cohesion against anti-democratic forces. Ukraine demands to exclude Russia from the international Swift payment system. To the reports on the Ukraine conflict

Blinking tries to reduce irritation. The US Secretary of State will meet his Russian colleague Lavrov in Geneva this Friday. Before that, he coordinated with his allies in Berlin and also tried to calm the situation. Because President Biden had previously openly addressed the differences in NATO about the appropriate response to possible aggression by Russia against Ukraine. Go to Article

US charges Belarusian officials with air piracy. In May 2021, the Belarusian authorities forced his flight to land in Minsk in order to be able to arrest the government critic Roman Protasevich. The New York prosecutor announced that the suspects are still in Belarus. Working with foreign partners to bring them to justice. Go to Article

EXCLUSIVE Dispute over quota for women at engine builder Deutz. Large listed companies must appoint at least one woman to the board of directors, as the law has recently stipulated. Internal documents now show how the supervisory board of the Cologne company wanted to avoid the quota. For example, consideration was given to quickly extending the contracts of the current board members or to reducing them to three members without further ado. To the article (SZ Plus)

Handball EM: Germany loses clearly against Spain. The fifth game at this European championship brings the first defeat: defending champion Spain is too strong and wins 29:23. But the semifinals are still possible, the game against Norway is scheduled for this Friday evening. Go to Article

Other important topics of the day:

The most important thing about the corona virus

The incidence value jumps to more than 700. The Robert Koch Institute reports a nationwide seven-day incidence of 706, on Thursday the value was 639. In 50 districts it is now more than 1000, in Berlin-Mitte even 2200. The Austrian parliament decides on general vaccination from 18 years. To the Corona reports

New unity thanks to Omikron. Team caution, team sense of proportion, team Germany: Maybrit Illner’s talk round debates about Corona. The guests, including the Bavarian Prime Minister Söder and Berlin’s Mayor Giffey, belong to different camps. Nevertheless, surprisingly often they agree. For TV criticism

best things

Time Capsule Cemetery. They are among the most species-rich areas in the city. World wars and industrialization have survived some cemeteries so unscathed that they are overgrown like 150 years ago. Go to Article

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