Prime Minister takes on traffic light because of Corona procedure: “It has state crisis-like effects”

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From: Marcus Gable

Must show resilience: Olaf Scholz has received criticism for his hesitant attitude towards a mandatory vaccination law. © IMAGO / SNA

Tobias Hans has to deliver soon. His first state election as Prime Minister is just around the corner. So it’s high time for the CDU politician to take a tougher stance on the traffic light coalition.

Munich – There is by no means any time for puppy protection in politics. After all, quick solutions are usually needed, even for profound problems. Accordingly, the new traffic light coalition in the second month of its existence cannot hope to be treated with kid gloves for the time being. On the contrary: the opposition parties are intensively looking for red-green-yellow targets to zero in on.

Like Tobias Hans. The CDU Prime Minister of Saarland currently has every reason to be aggressive, because state elections are due in March. For him, it is the first time as head of state, because he only took over the post during the legislative period from Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. So it’s high time to show a clear edge.

Vaccination obligation: Hans shoots the traffic light because of hesitant tactics – “state crisis-like effects”

In an interview with the world Hans reads the riot act to the new federal government around Chancellor Olaf Scholz because of the hesitant approach to compulsory vaccination. “If you don’t get them started now, compulsory vaccination will fail. The federal government must present a law and clarify all questions,” demands the 43-year-old.

Once in motion, he presses his finger a little deeper into the wound: “It’s really bad that at the beginning of the legislative period there was no chancellor majority for such an important socio-political measure. That has consequences for the state crisis.”

Video: Lauterbach insists on general compulsory vaccination from April or May

Corona rules: Hans asks about the number of vaccinations and the sanctions for violations

Hans doesn’t see it as his own party’s turn – although the Scholz cabinet seems to be hoping for exactly that. “The federal government has this responsibility, it has an obligation with its apparatus to answer the many open questions,” the Saarlander continues to rant and asks straight away: “How often do you have to be vaccinated? What sanctions should be introduced? Federal Minister of Health Lauterbach thinks it is possible without a vaccination register. But how? Everything open.”

He awaited answers to fundamental questions and government proposals before constructive talks could begin. Because one thing is clear: “Time is pressing.”

Healed status: Hans demands clarification of the reduction and transitional periods

Hans also criticizes the current approach with regard to adapted corona rules. Key word: recovered status. Key word: booster after vaccination with Johnson & Johnson. “I have a lot of understanding that the citizens do not appreciate it when things are introduced suddenly and this also involves a concrete change in living conditions,” emphasized the politician.

On the other hand, he can understand the step itself, to shorten the recovered status from six to three months. However, Hans also makes it clear: “You have to explain to people that the convalescent status is valid for twelve months in Switzerland, but only three in this country. In any case, transitional periods are needed so that citizens can react.”

Tobias Hans stands at two microphones and grimaces
Disagree with the traffic light work: Tobias Hans is preparing for the state elections in Saarland. © Oliver Dietze/dpa

Merz as CDU boss: Hans full of praise for the designated Laschet successor

Citizens were able to prepare well for Friedrich Merz to become CDU leader – at some point. In the third attempt within a good three years, the time has now come, after first Kramp-Karrenbauer and most recently Armin Laschet quickly burned their fingers in the office. That should hardly happen to the experienced Sauerland.

“Friedrich Merz will contribute as a prominent speaker in the Bundestag and turn on the traffic lights from day one,” says Hans happily. “It’s impressive how he brings together the wings of the party from the start and involves all forces, especially the younger generation. I’m sure he will succeed in making the Union recognizable as a people’s party.”

At the end of the eulogy, there is a small dig at some opinion leaders: “A distorted picture of him was drawn in public. Friedrich Merz will still surprise many.” Not only the traffic light coalition can be curious about what is behind this sentence. (mg)

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