Radiotherapy begins in the second linear accelerator of the Toledo Hospital




Service Radiation Oncology of the University Hospital of Toledo has begun this week the radiotherapy treatments in the second of the linear accelerators with which this specialty has in the health center, thus increasing care benefits.

The head of the Radiotherapy Oncology service, Dr. Eva Maria Lozano Martin, explained that the commissioning of the second linear accelerator will make it possible to offer, with the collaboration of the Radiophysics and Radiological Protection service, all treatment modalities with highly complex external radiotherapy, such as radiosurgery, stereotactic body radiotherapy, image-guided radiotherapy, intensity-modulated volumetric arc therapy, and respiratory synchronization.

The different radiotherapy treatment modalities pursue, according to the clinical context of the patient, increase local and regional control of the tumor, increase survival and, in cases of advanced disease, improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

Radiotherapy Oncology is, therefore, a key service in any modern and universal health system that pursues multidisciplinary care, since between 50-70 percent of cancer patients At some point in the evolution of their disease, they will require treatment with radiotherapy.

In addition to the start-up of the second linear accelerator, equipped with micro-multisheets that allow more information to be obtained from the radiation beams, a patient surface recognition system will be put into operation, both in the treatment room and in the simulation CT. This will allow the patient’s movement to be monitored during image acquisition and in each treatment session, as well as synchronizing the activation of the radiation beam with the most appropriate phase of the respiratory cycle, with the aim of reduce the radiation dose in the surrounding tissues and be able to increase it in the tumor itself.

Last July 7th radiotherapy activity began at the University Hospital of Toledo with the start-up of one of the two linear accelerators that this specialty has. Since then nearly 400 patients have received treatment.

The Radiotherapy Oncology service is one of the three new specialties, together with Nuclear Medicine and Radiophysics and Radiological Protection, which are added to the portfolio of services with the opening of the University Hospital of Toledo and they have the most advanced equipment on the market to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of patients, which will allow their integration into the healthcare model of the Castilla-La Mancha Health Service focused on cancer patients.

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