Significantly fewer students repeat classes

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Child with a mask in a school class © Moritz Frankenberg / dpa

During the school year 2020/21, which was strongly influenced by the corona pandemic, significantly fewer pupils repeated a class in Germany.

Wiesbaden – As the Federal Statistical Office announced on Friday in Wiesbaden, the so-called repeat rate fell from 2.3 percent to 1.4 percent nationwide due to the generally relaxed transfer rules.

A total of 93,100 pupils repeated a grade voluntarily or because they were not promoted. Many federal states had changed the transfer rules to take into account the negative consequences of class cancellations and distance learning caused by the pandemic. The rate fell accordingly in all countries.

At the same time, regional differences remained because the countries regulate transfers differently. As in previous years, the proportion of pupils who repeat a grade was the highest in Bavaria at 2.8 percent nationwide. At 0.9 percent, the rate was lowest in the capital Berlin.


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