The Community of Madrid rehouses another eight families affected by Metro line 7B




This Friday, the Community of Madrid rehouses eight families who live in homes affected by Metro line 7B in San Fernando de Henares; Specifically, they are neighbors who live at numbers 19, 21, 23 and 25 on Calle de la Presa.

As explained by sources from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, this Thursday night, following the measures established in the Monitoring Plan in which the settlements of the houses are checked, this area asked the Madrid 112 Security and Emergency Agency (ASEM112) to appear with a crew of Firefighters to check the structural situation of the different houses «about which they have been alerted to the town hall repeatedly.

According to the ASEM 112 report, the Ministry is going to relocate the eight families and expand the fenced in the street to guarantee safety due to the detachment of any overhang.

Likewise, they have ensured that the last data update report was sent on January 14, requesting the issuance of the report to the consistory after the first request on September 22, 2021.

«The technicians of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure carry out continuous auscultation work with weekly reports of motion readings; Metro de Madrid monitors the infrastructure in parallel so that the suburban safety; Works are being carried out to stabilize and consolidate the land”, they added.

For his part, the counselor, David Pérez, has accused the local government of San Fernando de Henares of “neglect and laziness” and has assured that they are “putting in danger to the affected families. “This government is the first that is taking care of guaranteeing the safety of the neighbors and is sparing no human and economic resource to solve this situation as soon as possible”, he asserted.

In line, he has stated that so far about 30 million euros have been invested. “However, we have hands tied and we can not do more since it depends on the mayor of the Consistory, Javier Corpa, to determine the state of ruin of the houses. We are still waiting, months have passed for them to make a decision, “Perez launched.

The Community of Madrid “is forced” to remind the mayor of the municipality that “the longer it takes to decide whether or not to finally declare the buildings in ruin, the more difficult the rehabilitation will be.” In addition, he has pointed out that, “without the Mayor’s decree, the Community of Madrid can neither repair nor compensate families.” For the year 2022, the Community of Madrid will allocate a total of 7,797,775 euros to the line 7B item, which implies an increase of 160%.

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