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In ‘One Shot (Rescue Mission)’, director James Nunn He faced the biggest challenge of his career: shooting an action movie in a single shot (or, at least, pretending it was shot that way). Scott Adkins (action specialist who has worked on titles such as ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’, ‘The darkest night’ The ‘Doctor Strange’) is the protagonist of this adrenaline film in which they also participate Ryan Phillippe Y Ashley Greene. We have spoken with Adkins (Sutton Coldfield, England, 1976), an expert in martial arts who began in the cinema at the hands of Jackie Chan.

– You have been involved in this project for several years. Can you tell us what that first moment was like when you talked to James Nunn about the possibility of making a film shot in a single shot?

– We were shooting ‘Eliminators’ in 2015, which had a fight scene shot in one shot and James had the idea of ​​shooting a movie in one shot. It took us six years to do it but the two of us together came to the conclusion that it would be fun and we had the idea to do it on this prison-island where an important prisoner was being extracted. The original idea was a little crazier, more of an apocalyptic world like ‘Mad Max’, but finally we decided to do something more realistic where this story and this Guantanamo-type concept fit in, where the Navy Seals arrive and have to extract a prisoner who has to be take to Washington to try to prevent a terrorist attack.

– I imagine that the shooting had to be very complicated. Have you rehearsed more for this movie than any other you’ve done?

– The truth is that if. I arrived two weeks before we started shooting and the first week we toured the entire location a bit. We also do a lot of work on the action scenes with Tim Man, who is the coordinator. Then the whole crew arrived and we were kicking around all the ideas with the cameramen and the director, to see how to shoot this and especially how to hide the cuts. Because, although it has been shot in a few very long takes, there are some cuts. It’s impossible to make an action movie in one shot. The truth is that it has been a great experience, although it has been exhausting in terms of acting and action.

– When preparing the film, did you find inspiration in any other film shot in sequence shot?

– The main source of inspiration for the director was ‘Victoria’ (Sebastian Schipper, 2015), especially for its camera movements. It is a film that is really a sequence shot of more than two hours. It is shot with a camera on the shoulder and it goes from one character to another, they are as if linked. And the motivation of the story is based on the characters, which is a bit of what we’ve tried to do here, which I think works very well. It reflects very well what we wanted to do in our film in terms of immediacy, intensity and intimacy.

– You are also a successful youtuber. Why did you decide to start the program ‘The Art of Action’?

– It arose because of the pandemic. I had to do something with my time and keep busy. So I started doing interviews with other actors, directors and action specialists and I’ve had a great time. It is true that now, with the return to work, it has been impossible for me to do it again. I would like to do one more season but I have to hire someone to do the editing for me because it takes the longest. The funny thing is that, for a while, people recognized me on the street for my facet as a youtuber.

– You have worked with the biggest action movie stars (Stallone, Van Damme, Jackie Chan…). Which of them would you say is your greatest reference?

– The truth is that it is very difficult to choose but I think I have to say that the best of all time is Jackie Chan. For me, the two greatest icons of action cinema are Jackie Chan and Stallone because, in addition to being actors, they are filmmakers. But Jackie Chan’s action scenes are second to none. No one has done such crazy things.

– You’ve had to fight with several movie stars who weren’t stuntmen: Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, Benedict Cumberbatch… Do you remember any that were particularly intense and maybe actually hit you?

– No, why would they want to hit me? (Laughs). No, none of them have hurt me. When you work with stars of that level, my job is to keep them safe and not be the one to hurt them.

– Has security been extreme in the filming of scenes with firearms after the accident starring Alec Baldwin?

The biggest consequence is that less live ammo is going to be used and everything is going to be done more with CGI. Although it is very difficult to simulate a real weapon, it is going to be something that we see more and more. In fact, that’s how it was done in ‘One Shot (Rescue Mission)’. Being a sequence shot, it was too dangerous and we had to do it that way.

– We’re going to see you soon in ‘John Wick 4’ alongside Keanu Reeves and in ‘Day Shift’ with Jamie Foxx. What can you tell us about those projects?

Unfortunately they have postponed ‘John Wick 4’ until March 2023. It is an honor that they have allowed me to be part of that franchise, because I think it is the best that has been done in Hollywood in terms of action and it has been a pleasure to work with Keanu Reeves because he does it phenomenally. As for ‘Day Shift’, it’s a mix of action, comedy and horror and I’ve heard that it has turned out very well and will be released in the summer on Netflix.

‘One Shot (Rescue Mission)’ arrives in Spanish cinemas this Friday, January 21.

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