CDU party conference: Laschet: “The CDU is coming back”

DIn his farewell speech, the outgoing CDU chairman, Armin Laschet, was convinced that his party would find its way out of the crisis under the leadership of Friedrich Merz. “The CDU is coming back,” said Laschet at the digital party conference in the Konrad-Adenauer-Haus in Berlin. Merz is now exactly the right person. He always supported him during his time as chairman.

“We have had a year like a roller coaster ride,” said Laschet, looking back on his time as chairman, during which the CDU achieved its historically worst result in the federal election with 24.1 percent. September 26, on which the Union lost the government majority at federal level for the third time, was an “open wound” for the CDU. “And the scar will remain.” He, Laschet, also took responsibility for the defeat – and for the time since.

For the future, he warned his party to be more secretive. She has to learn again that not every session is rumored to be something. Laschet cites his relationship with Merz as an example. You two had had many conversations, the content of which could not be read in newspapers or on Twitter. In relation to the sister party, he urged more unity. It should never be repeated that the CDU and CSU argue like they did in the federal election campaign. Before the election, there had been repeated taunts against Laschet from the ranks of the CSU.

Friedrich Merz, who is to be elected Laschet’s successor by the 1001 delegates on Saturday, thanked the CDU chairman for his work and his willingness to take responsibility for the defeat. That honors him. But, Merz continued: “We lost the election together.” They would all bear the responsibility together. They were both opponents when running for party chairmanship last year. Above all, however, they, who were both elected to the Bundestag for the first time in 1994, have been friends for decades.

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