Graduation of a hundred students from the Municipal School of Languages




The San Marcos Cultural Center has hosted this Friday the act of delivery of the graduation certificates of the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 courses of the Municipal School of Languages ​​of the City Council, suspended due to the pandemic, in which a hundred students have participated. The event was chaired by the Councilor for Education and Culture, Theo Garcia, and has also had the assistance of the director of the Municipal School of Languages, Maria Jesus Martin-Maestro, and the head of Studies of the center, Cascante Dew.

The Municipal School of Languages ​​celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2021, it has been recalled Theo Garcia in his speech, emphasizing that it continues to be an academic reference of good pedagogical work in the city, in addition to being a pioneer in the country since there are few municipal schools in Spain that are so long-lived.

Likewise, he has highlighted its quality in educational management for which he has congratulated the academic management of the institution since, each year, they continue to respond to the demand of students and families who are committed to public education in the city, which is why the municipal government maintains its commitment to this Educational proposal equitable, open, inclusive, competitive and accessible at a pedagogical, didactic and economic level.

modernization plan

Thus, he recalled that the
Municipal School of Languages
is currently immersed in a major modernization plan for its classrooms, which will entail the implementation of an academic management computer program and the regeneration of some spaces for teachers and students, since demand is growing.

The delivery of these official certified graduation diplomas supposes the completion of a training cycle of seven academic levels of English or French that allow students sufficient training to prepare the official evaluation tests defined by the Common European Framework for Languages.

In his speech, the Councilor for Education congratulated the students for the work and effort developed to achieve this goal, and also to the teachers who make up the faculty of the Municipal School of Languages, to the current one and to all those who have passed through these 60 years of uninterrupted life.

“Yes, uninterrupted, because not even during the confinement did they stop, even though they did not have professional digital means to attend to the students, they made use of their own phones and computers”, explained Teo García to recognize and value the daily effort they made during the most complicated course that the school has experienced.

“A reason for pride”

Finally, the municipal official has indicated that “today the fruits of the trust that citizens have placed in this historic public and municipal educational institution are being harvested”, a fact that is, without a doubt, “a source of pride”.

Municipal School of Languages
It is not a direct attribution of the City Council but the demand of the families makes the municipal Government maintain this service that reaches a thousand students per school year.

This School was the first official center in Toledo to take the Cambridge University exams and certify their levels and, since last year, French levels can also be certified through the French Ministry of National Education. , through the DELF exams.

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