“Light between water and fire”, the surprising photographic exhibition of Nieves Martín in Melque




The Historic Site of Santa María de Melque hosts an exhibition, made up of 25 photographs and a projection, which reflects the universe of Nieves Martín de la Mota, an artist trained in photography from a very early age, who has developed her hobby and vocation to over the years. “Light between water and fire” is the title of the exhibition, at the opening of which the Vice President of Education, Culture, Equality and Social Welfare, Ana Gómez, was present.

The vice president inaugurated the exhibition together with the mayor of San Martín de Montalbán, Gema Calderón, the artist, the exhibition’s curator, Miguel Ángel Carrasco, and the artistic director, María Elena Diardes, highlighting “The importance of filling exhibition spaces like Melque’s with life, providing them with content and art.”

The exhibition, which can be visited in Melque until March 27, aspires, according to Martín de la Mota, to share with the other’s gaze his own on the magical game of seduction between light and time.

Ana Gómez has toured the exhibition, where the photographs run through different scenarios related to water and fire, two elements that give name to a sample full of suggestions, where nature or closed or open spaces transport the viewer to the places chosen by the photographer, evoking moments captured in snapshots full of meaning and content.

The vice president highlighted the artist’s ability to show reflections, life, transparencies, sunrises, plants and insects, the drawings found in the environment, the paintings detached from the lens of his camera and the artistic compositions found in the most common places, which make up a sample full of insinuations capable of subduing our attention to catch it in his photographs.

Santa María de Melque thus opens its exhibition center to the perceptions of the senses and the poetic expressions that Nieves Martín de la Mota captures with her camera, to portray living nature, textures and shadows or the spatial tension of a frame on the ephemeral gesture of light, creating reflections and passing through matter.

The author speaks of imprisoning the magic that takes place at our side, which is evident in an exhibition where the blues of the water and the light of the fire stand out, almost capable of transmitting to us the sound of the liquid element or the crackling of the flames.

Nieves Martín de la Mota’s passion for photography began in 1979, when he was given his first reflex camera. Since then, he has entered into a hobby that he will not abandon throughout his life, either with the acquisition of a laboratory to experiment with black and white development or later investigating the almost infinite possibilities of digital photography, which It has led to different awards and recognitions in photography contests or competitions and to star in different exhibitions in Toledo.

At the opening of the exhibition has combined dance and poetry by the dancer Susana Sánchez López, enhancing the aesthetic concept contained in the exhibition and inspiring the images, to understand artistic creation as a full dialogue between the senses and a poetic flight that integrates our spirit in beauty.

The exhibition can be visited completely free of charge, complying at all times with the safety, hygiene, physical distancing and limited capacity protocols by ovid-19, as is the case with all the samples exhibited in Santa María de Melque, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. every day of the week except Monday.-

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