«The Government does not like Spain, and it likes Galicia even less, because we did not vote for it»




“The Government of Spain does not like Spain.” Alberto Núñez Feijóo has reserved for the end of his speech, during the inter-parliamentary meeting of the Galician PP that is being held this Saturday in Santiago, his broadsides to the management of Pedro Sánchez. “He doesn’t like the Spanish industry, he doesn’t like the Spanish farmers, he doesn’t like the Spanish companies, he doesn’t like the self-employed, the traditional sectors, the sources of wealth, the democratic institutions”, he has broken down.

“How is it possible that the Government of Spain does not like Spain?” he asked rhetorically. And yet, he believes that “it is clear” that this is so, and that “he will like Galicia less, because it does not vote for him.” “We know perfectly well, that Government of Spain that does not like Spain, will like us even less, that we did not vote for it,” he insisted.

For Feijóo, the Sánchez Government is the “greatest example” of a policy that “is not interested in citizens” and that “uses the tools of the central government to cover up its weaknesses and keep its partners happy, it is the common thread of the entire legislature”. The European funds, the financing system, the budgets, everything is “tools” for, by serving its partners, “serving oneself and staying in power”. There is not really an eagerness to “be very dialoguing”, but he is moved by a “great instinct of conservation”, he has delved into his portrait of Sánchez.

Along the same lines, he has criticized him for allowing ministers of his Executive “to discredit Spanish democracy”, in addition to having “the dubious honor of being the first president of the Government of Spain who has ministers who cannot be dismissed, because he does not name”. The latest example: Alberto Garzón and his statements about Spanish meat. Sánchez “neither coordinates nor appoints the Government.” “Of course, with those of the PSOE he is implacable”, to exhibit “authority”. “If a third of the Government does not control it”, with the two thirds over which it does rule, it acts with an iron fist: “I am going to change them and dismiss them whenever I feel like it, so that they believe that I have authority in the Government. Unfortunately, that is not the case.”

The President of the Government has also been accused by Feijóo of putting the economy “in a huge spiral”, collapsing the GDP and shooting up the deficit, with “runaway” inflation and an “excessive tax increase”, with budgets for 2022 based on a “fictitious” macroeconomic picture. “He attacked all sectors, the naval, shellfishing, fishing, livestock, energy, automotive.” Something that the affected themselves say, has added.

Opposite, the PP, for which it has insisted on the usual recipes: bet on “useful politics”, give continuity in 2022 to what was done in 2021 in Galicia, and where there is no government, as in the State, carry out a “constructive and loyal opposition to the needs of the country”, without transferring the parliamentary tensions to society.

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