Toledo celebrates this Sunday the Day of the City with the institutional delivery of Honors and Distinctions



The mayor, Milagros Tolón, will preside tomorrow, Sunday, January 23, City Day, the festivity of San Ildefonso, patron saint of Toledo, the institutional act of delivery of Honors and Distinctions granted by the City Council, a day that will start at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow with the inauguration of the sculpture by Rafael Canogar in memory of the victims of Covid-19.

After the impossibility of celebrating it last year due to sanitary conditions, the City Council recovers in this 2022 the institutional act of delivery of Honors and Distinctions, in which the work and commitment of people and entities that stand out in the defense of the interests of Toledo and its citizens.

The act, which cIt will start at the San Marcos cultural center at 6:00 p.m. with due security measures, it is marked by the coronavirus pandemic, as reflected in the recognitions that will be delivered and that have been granted unanimously by the Municipal Corporation.

In this way, the City Medal has been awarded to the Citizenship of Toledo, for the exemplary behavior maintained since the state of health alarm was decreed in March 2020, as well as the effort and sacrifices made, from very different areas and responsibilities. to combat the impact and consequences that Covid-19 is causing.

The Medal of the City of Toledo, which will be guarded in the Municipal Archives, is a municipal decoration created by the City Council in 1926 with which extraordinary merits are awarded or recognized that concur in people, entities or corporations, both national and foreign, for having provided services, dispensed honors or benefits of any order to our capital.

special recognitions

Exceptionally, on this occasion special recognition will also be given to groups and entities that from the first moment faced, and continue to face, the different variables that the health crisis situation has entailed, contributing so much to protect and save life. many of our neighbors like to keep the pulse of the city.

For this reason, the city of Toledo will present awards to representatives of doctors, nurses, auxiliaries, health transport, guards, cleaning personnel of health centers, security personnel of health centers, pharmacists, veterinarians, National Police, Local Police , Civil Guard, Army, Civil Protection and Firefighters.

In addition to environmental agents, Social Services, psychologists, social workers, carriers and delivery men, street cleaning staff, Urban Bus Service workers, taxi drivers, gas station workers, the Church, the media and nursing home workers.

Completing the list are those responsible for Cáritas, the Red Cross, Messengers of Peace, the Zaqueo Association, teaching staff, municipal cemetery workers, funeral services, shops, hairdressers, school maintenance staff, municipal building cleaning staff and entities of people with disabilities, as well as a member of the Child Participation Council representing the children of Toledo.

The following posthumous distinctions have been added to these recognitions:

Favorite Son of the City of Toledo Manuel Santolaya Heir, architect and manager of the City Consortium, in recognition of his extensive career in urban and architectural matters, as well as for his generous and extensive professional dedication to the city in favor of historical and monumental heritage.

Adoptive Son of the City of Toledo Ignacio Alvarez Ahedo municipal architect, in recognition of the public service vocation shown in defense of the interests of the city, contributing decisively to its urban evolution in the last 35 years and to the declaration of Toledo as a World Heritage City in 1986.

Adoptive Son of the City of Toledo Luis Pablo Gomez Vidales, Plastic artist, cultural manager and great promoter of the cultural life of Toledo, in recognition of his contribution to the cultural and artistic heritage of the city.

Sculpture of Canogar

In the context of this celebration, it has also been agreed to install a sculpture in memory of the victims of Covid-19 by the Toledo sculptor Rafael Canogar, which will be inaugurated by the mayor on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. at its location in the Recaredo’s walk, in front of the Cambrón gate.

Subsequently, at 12:00 noon, a mass in honor of San Ildefonso, patron saint of Toledo, will take place in the Primate Cathedral, which will be presided over by Archbishop Francisco Cerro Chaves and will also be attended by Miracles Toulon leading the representation of the Municipal Corporation.

Toledo Day at FITUR

On the other hand, tomorrow, Sunday, the Province of Toledo Day is celebrated at the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) that takes place in Madrid. The Councilor for Tourism, Mar Álvarez, and the Councilor for Employment and European Funds, Francisco Rueda, will present the city’s tourist offer in an event that will take place at 11:30 am at the Castilla-La Mancha stand.

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