France’s presidential candidate Zemmour attracts Le Pen’s squad

In France the time has come for defectors. Momentum is in Eric Zemmour’s favor and against the poll trend. The 63-year-old presidential candidate promises a “union of the right” and has poached political heavyweights from Marine Le Pen and her Rassemblement National (RN) party.

In Cannes, longtime Front National and current MEP Gilbert Collard staged his change of flag: as if there were no precautionary measures in the pandemic, he gave his new “friend” Zemmour a long, heartfelt hug. In turn, he insisted on having Collard celebrate as a harbinger of the “Union of the Right” at his rally in front of more than 4,000 supporters on Saturday. The newcomer was greeted with great applause.

The head of the Rassemblement National Group in the EU Parliament, Jérôme Rivière, had previously announced his move to Zemmour. “The daring, the bravery, the vitality is on Zemmour’s side today,” said Collard. “With him I draw hope again.” He wanted to emphasize that he had nothing against Marine Le Pen. Party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen had renamed the loud-mouthed lawyer Gilbert “Connard” (“complete idiot”). “The day will come when Marine Le Pen will do the same and join Eric Zemmour,” said Collard.

Before him, Philippe de Villiers, one of the most prominent figures of the anti-European right, had hailed Zemmour as a fearless champion of uniting the “patriots”.

The loss of Rieu hurts Le Pen

According to a recent survey by the Ipsos Institute for “Le Monde” and the Jean Jaurès Foundation, Zemmour can count on 13 percent of the votes in the first ballot in April, Marine Le Pen with 15.5 percent. By the Union of the Right, Zemmour means a broad spectrum of voters, ranging from former Sarkozy and Fillon supporters to those who have been disappointed in Le Pen, to the Identitarians.

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