“I am sad to say that we are proud after losing to Madrid”



Barcelona won with a goal in the final stretch. A victory that is pure gold given the situation in which the Barça team lives and that allows them to finish the day one point behind the Champions League positions. Frenkie de Jong was the scorer of the only goal of the match, but far from being happy, was very self-critical and assured that they had to improve a lot. “The victory was very important because we are in a very difficult phase of the season. But we have to improve the game. Today was difficult because the field was ice cream and it was difficult to play”, explained the Dutchman, who added that “you have to be finer with the ball, especially in the opposite field”.

Frenkie de Jong surprised when asked if there had been a regression after the expectations generated before the Real Madrid, when the game shown excited the fans and caused Joan Laporta to go down to the locker room to ensure that he was very proud of the players despite the defeat.

«Against Madrid we didn’t play badly but it makes me sad that we say we’re proud when we lose. We are Barca and we don’t have to be happy when we lose.” A statement that will have to be seen how they feel on the main floor of the Camp Nou by a player who is in the trigger for his performance this season. Precisely, on this aspect he wanted to influence: «Now because I score a goal people will say that I play well but it is not like that. It’s not when you score that you play well. I can improve a lot but my game is not a disaster. People should see the games differently, not only because of the result, “he defended himself. And he pointed out that “this victory gives us a lot of confidence for the games to come and now we will have time to prepare them.”

In the same line it was shown Xavi Hernandez, who celebrated the victory and had an impact on the mood of their players. “This victory means a lot of confidence and helps us continue to believe in what we are doing. It is costing because we created few chances despite having possession. We have a hard time knowing when to attack and when to wait. We must continue to trust this game model. In this field only Real Madrid has won. Is a crucial win, the players are in a moment in which they are suffering and we have been lucky to score at the end. We have to generate more things to to win the games,” he explained. And he referred to the team’s game: «We also want to do well and play well because that way we will have more numbers to win but we are not in the best situation in the club’s history. This victory will give us confidence.”

Xavi explained what he had tried to convey to his players in the showers: «During the break we said that we had to try, even if we lost. are a moment without confidence and we have to recover the group emotionally ». And he revealed the feeling of the locker room at the end of the game: «We celebrated the victory as something tremendous and that says a lot about the importance of the victory. There are many players who have been criticized and it is not easy. The Barcelona shirt weighs twenty kilos More than any other team.”

Ter Stegen He was also released after the victory in Mendizorroza. “These games give us confidence, which is necessary right now. We have won a very difficult game. I am happy with the victory because it will give us tranquillity and we need it to play well”, pointed out the German who added: “That each one shows their best form and that the results confirm it. We have a very good team and we are very united. We lacked a bit of confidence and these games will give us that to face what is to come.”

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