Jose Maria Carrascal as Pedro Gordon



If Ada Colau dressed up as Supergirl to be mayor of Barcelona, ​​why can’t Pedro Sánchez become Flash Gordon to prevent Russia from invading Croatia? There you have him in his office as President of the Spanish Government, telephoning Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, the Norwegian Prime Minister, the Secretary General of NATO, the President of the European Council and the President of the Commission.

Why not Putin and Biden? Were you afraid that they would not pick up the phone or did you not know what to say to them? His Minister of Foreign Affairs has put the rubric: «International politics is led by the president and I feel comfortable with it. Spain is an ally of the United States and

she is ready for any event in Ukraine.”

Suddenly, he has turned from a dove into a hawk and sends a frigate to the Black Sea and four fighter-bombers to the Ukraine to prevent the communist Russia from eating it. And he, with communists in his government. Has he realized that communism is aggressive, anti-democratic or tries to show that he is not? Needless. At this point we all know that it is only ‘pedrosanchista’. Well, some would add that a face. And very expensive, others would add. Even for him, because if the concessions he has made to carry out Rajoy’s labor reform to silence criticism from the extreme left and favors for nationalists have not pleased the moderate left, this display of ‘more militarism rancio’ confirms to Podemos that he has deceived them into believing that they had control in the square. And to the secessionists, who cannot trust him. The reaction of both to this movement by Sánchez is difficult to guess. If before they blackmailed him, now he blackmails them: “Choose, me or the right.”

But this is just an anecdote of the crisis, which follows the red. My impression already exposed it yesterday. I am sure that none of the contenders wants this cold war to turn into a hot one. A commitment will continue to be sought from it, which can only be that Russia guarantees not to threaten its western neighbors or feel threatened by them. It was tried with Finland and Austria, in the previous cold war, with success. But nothing is as it was.

Neither Russia is the Soviet Union, nor is the United States of that time. Nor is Europe the same politically. It has become half united and while the British send weapons to Ukraine, Germany prefers to threaten only economic sanctions. The great advantage that Vladimir Putin has is that the Russians are very used to hardship, and we certainly are not. Apart from being much more patriotic. Because everything counts.

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