The CDU almost unanimously chose Merz as the new boss

A digital party congress elected the economic politician on Saturday with a large leap of faith as the new party chairman – with almost 95 percent approval.

The delegates then elected Mario Czaja, a member of the Bundestag from Berlin who had been proposed by Merz, as the new General Secretary with a majority of 92.89 percent. He succeeds the hapless Paul Ziemiak. For legal reasons, both personnel decisions still have to be confirmed by postal vote. The results will be announced on January 31st.

call for unity

Merz called on the party to unite: the party congress sent a “signal of departure and renewal. We have not lost our self-confidence.”

Precisely because of the new traffic light government, Germany has a right to a union “that serves the country, provides answers to pressing questions” and, as the opposition, claims that it can once again be the government of tomorrow. “Let’s not fool ourselves: It can be a long way until then,” says Merz.

In a welcoming speech, CSU chairman Markus Sder admitted that both parties had not used their potential in the election year. “In 2021 we made mistakes. And there were injuries. There were injuries for you, but also for us.”

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