Trump camp allegedly wanted to confiscate voting machines

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Donald Trump does not recognize his electoral defeat even a year after the change of power and claims to have been robbed of victory by fraud. © Ross D. Franklin/AP/dpa

The Trump team is said to have prepared the confiscation of voting machines by the US military. The presidential decree was probably never signed.

WASHINGTON – After Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 US presidential election, the military should possibly be ordered to seize voting machines.

“We have information that a plan has been drawn up within the Justice Department to potentially seize voting machines in the country and use Defense Department funds to make this possible,” Bennie Thompson, chairman of the US Capitol Storming Committee, said on Tuesday Sunday on US TV.

Found Presidential Decree

The news portal “Politico” reported on Friday about the draft of a presidential decree ordering the military to confiscate the voting machines. The December 2020 paper was therefore unsigned and is one of the hundreds of documents that the National Archives handed over to the committee of inquiry. It is unclear who wrote the draft. According to Thompson, the panel has already spoken to former Attorney General William Barr and people from the Department of Defense.

“If you use the military to possibly confiscate voting machines (…) then the public needs to know that. There’s never been anything like it,” Thompson said. He emphasized that, beyond the draft of the decree, there are no indications of a concrete implementation plan that has been worked out. But the draft is reason enough to assume that the seizure has been proposed. It is now the task of the panel to find out how far advanced these plans were.

Trump still speaks of fraud

Trump does not acknowledge his electoral defeat even a year after taking power and claims to have been robbed of victory by fraud. He has no evidence. Dozens of lawsuits have failed in court. Barr fell out of favor with Trump in early December 2020 for declaring, despite his boss’s claims, that the Justice Department had no evidence of large-scale voter fraud. Two weeks later he announced his resignation – leaving the government before the end of Trump’s term on January 20. dpa

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