A postman accused of appropriating credit cards and taking out almost 30,000 euros with them in El Casar



Several of the witnesses summoned to testify in the trial against the Post Office postman, FJCM, accused of appropriating almost 30,000 euros after accessing the cards and the pin of some clients before they arrived at their homes, have coincided in the room in that they “never” received these cards at home and that the mailbox was not forced.

The events take place between June 2016 and April 2017, when the defendant was a postman in the El Casar area and, allegedly, seized the credit or debit cards that various clients, sent by the bank by letter, after which he used to withdraw money from different ATMs located in Guadalajara, Madrid and Valencia.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office requests a sentence of five years in prison for the accused for infidelity in the custody of documents and for a continued crime of computer fraud.

This Monday the second day of the hearing followed by a popular jury was held at the Provincial Court of Guadalajara and several witnesses passed through the room. MJN, who then lived in the ‘El Coto’ urbanization and who had between 13,000 and 17,000 euros stolen from her account, declared that she was “a little pissed off” with the postman and that she went to the post office to say that the letter had not arrived. card, but they didn’t say anything.

However, in the images shown on the withdrawal of money from an ATM, he could not identify the defendant as the author of the events. “It seems so, but he had a goatee, an earring and sunglasses that he never took off and it caught my attention,” he said without being able to confirm, based on his current image, that it was the same person.

Another of the witnesses lost 1,200 euros, which was also stolen in different movements and, likewise, by accessing a card that he did not receive at home either. As with RR, who received ten refunds until taking about 4,000 euros on debit.

Meanwhile, a friend of the defendant named Tania, who at the time of the events lent him 1,000 euros because he had financial problems, has been convinced that he is innocent. «I know it for sure and with my heart in my hand. I am a psychologist and I have my contacts, “he commented, without clarifying more about it, and he did not recognize his friend in the images in which a person appears taking money from an ATM.

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