After IS attack in Syria: fighting continues for the fifth day in a row

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After the IS attack in Syria: fighting continues for the fifth day in a row (archive photo) © Carol Guzy / dpa

After the violent attack by the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) on a prison in the Syrian city of Al-Hassaka, fighting has continued for the fifth day in a row.

Damascus – More than 150 people have been killed, including 102 jihadists and 7 civilians, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday. The troops led by Kurds have been trying for days to regain control of the prison.

US troops again supported the fight against the extremists on Monday with air strikes. According to the observatory, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) led by Kurdish militias now control almost half of the prison, while the jihadists have entrenched themselves in the northern part.

After the fighting broke out, up to 45,000 people fled their homes to other parts of the city, according to the UN Emergency Relief Office (OCHA). The UN has expressed concern for the safety of civilians in the area. Especially because of the freezing cold, the displaced people needed help quickly.

The raid on the prison, which began on Thursday evening, is one of the heaviest IS attacks in Syria in years. The aim was to free imprisoned supporters. The attack was a reminder that the fight against the terrorist militia is not yet won. In the summer of 2014, IS took over large areas in northern and western Iraq and proclaimed a so-called caliphate there. Large parts of neighboring Syria also belonged to the dominion. (dpa)

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