after mutinies, curfew applies immediately

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Burkina Faso: after mutinies, the curfew is effective immediately © Imago

After mutinies by soldiers in the crisis-ridden state of Burkina Faso, the government imposed a curfew.

Ouagadougou – Between 8:00 p.m. and 5:30 a.m., no one is allowed on the streets nationwide, President Roch Marc Kaboré announced by decree on Sunday evening. West Africa’s economic community, Ecowas, said it supports the government. She called on the mutinous soldiers to engage in dialogue. The US embassy in Ouagadougou remained closed “due to ongoing security concerns”.

After clashes in two military quarters in the capital Ouagadougou and in two northern cities, the West African country’s government said on Sunday that the situation was under control – there had been no attempted coup. As recently as mid-January, the army had accused and arrested several soldiers of a coup attempt. On Saturday, hundreds of demonstrators called for Kaboré’s resignation.

Burkina Faso, with its 21 million inhabitants, is in a serious crisis due to increasing Islamist terror in the Sahel. Many militias, some of whom have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State (IS) or al-Qaeda, operate across the borders of Mali and Niger. More than a million residents are considered internally displaced. Resentment within the population, which accuses Kaboré and his government of being unable to act, has increased sharply in recent months. (dpa)

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