Albares will explain tomorrow in Congress the position of Spain in the Ukraine crisis




After the Foreign Affairs Council meeting held in Brussels, with the crisis in Ukraine as the main topic, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Jose Manuel Albares, has pointed out that they do not consider evacuating the Spanish diplomatic staff in Kiev, as the United States and the United Kingdom have already raised. The Spanish ministry does not consider the evacuation either of the 500 Spaniards who are in Ukraine, to whom he has demanded to remain calm. «We do not plan to evacuate our neighborhood or the Embassy. I follow the situation minute by minute and in the event of any evolution we will react quickly,” he explained at a press conference.

Nor are the rest of the European countries now considering the evacuation of their personnel assigned to Ukraine.

“If there were any evolution, we would act quickly,” assured the Foreign Minister.

This Sunday, the US State Department ordered the families of US diplomats in Ukraine to leave the country. It also authorized some embassy staff members to also leave the country. This decision came as US officials warned that an attack could come at any time.

Albares, in tune with European governments, insisted that diplomacy and dialogue are «the method we want to privilege, but we must be prepared for any circumstance».

“It is time for the 4Ds: diplomacy, de-escalation, de-escalation and deterrence”, said Albares, who defended the principles by which Europe has been built, which are the principles “of peace, stability, prosperity, and resolution by peaceful means of any conflict.”

This Friday, Foreign Affairs updated its travel recommendations on Ukraine. In them, it indicates that due to the “volatility of the current situation, it is not recommended to travel to Ukraine except for essential travel reasons.” In any case, travel to Crimea and the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk is discouraged.

Appearance in Congress

At his own request, the head of Spanish diplomacy will appear this Tuesday in the Congress of Deputies to report on the crisis in Ukraine. In particular, on the decisions adopted in this regard in the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the European Union.

The appearance will be in the Foreign Affairs Committee and will take place at 8:00 p.m. or at the end of the plenary session, if it ends later. Albares will also respond to the recent crisis in Kazakhstan, at the request of the PP, while the parliamentary groups of ERC, EH Bildu and Plural, emphasize knowing the Executive’s position regarding the tension between Moscow and NATO.

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