Apology followed – “middle finger”: NEOS boss burst the collar

Although she had voted with the governing parties in the previous week for compulsory vaccination, Beate Meinl-Reisinger launched an all-out attack against public transport and the Greens and their corona policy in the Bnd in a press conference on Monday. And sometimes with hearty words. In particular, she sharply criticized the announced vaccine fleet. The stupidest thing in our republic is the vaccinated taxpayer, who was “shown the middle finger” with this action, the NEOS boss was very emotional. However, she promptly apologized for the sloppy formulation.

“One billion euros is a very, very large amount of money that could be used to do far more clever things,” Meinl-Reisinger vehemently denied. Vaccination incentives should have been set much earlier and not announced on the same day that compulsory vaccination was decided. “I can’t understand that.” The NEOS did not support this point in Parliament. “We would not have been there with such horse trading.” NEOSD demand the end of 2G and the lockdown for the unvaccinatedThe NEOS demand an end to 2G and the lockdown for the unvaccinated with the introduction of compulsory vaccination. The latter is “disproportionate and unconstitutional” and in combination with 2G “a pure harassment”. You can’t keep the unvaccinated locked up at home. The 10 p.m. curfew should also be abolished, Meinl-Reisinger demanded. That costs a lot of money and puts companies under further pressure. Meinl-Reisinger proposed a phased plan that would see all measures abolished by April, with 2G on the market and the lockdown for the unvaccinated ending immediately. With the introduction of compulsory vaccination, all of this is no longer justified and not in balance. The compulsory vaccination was decided by a large majority and is correct as a precaution for the fall, but there must also be a strategy behind it. A phased plan to abolish 2G is needed. In retail, this restriction must be lifted immediately. It is not the job of retail employees to check vaccination certificates, Meinl-Reisinger joined the retailer’s demand. Meinl-Reisinger for early new elections Meinl-Reisinger says he does not believe in frontal opposition, but the NEOS will take their critical line towards the maintained by the federal government. Lots of things go wrong there. “In my opinion, they’re at the end, that’s where the air is outside. They can no longer get along with each other either.” After Corona, the government program had to be reassessed. “Everything is missing. It takes big designs and not turning small screws.” In the medium term, the NEOS boss is calling for new elections. According to Meinl-Reisinger, these are already possible this year.


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