Are opponents of vaccination flooding newspapers with fake job advertisements?

“Nurse (24 y.) not vaccinated, looking from 16.3. Due to political decision, new professional challenge” or “Medical administrative employee, experienced stress, happy, recovered and free of C vaccines, looking for new sphere of activity from March 16, 2022”. These are the job applications that appeared on Saturday on page 2 of the “Oberlausitzer Kurier” – more than ever before. More than 120 advertisements with similar content can be found in the free advertisement sheet that appears in Bautzen.

Stefan Locke

Correspondent for Saxony and Thuringia based in Dresden.

At first glance, this does not seem unusual, since vaccination will be compulsory for health and nursing staff from mid-March. And since, according to estimates in hospitals and especially nursing homes in Saxony, more than a third of the employees are not vaccinated against Covid-19, these people would have to look for a new job.

But under the given contact details – mostly mobile phone numbers, some e-mail addresses and ciphers – so far hardly any job seekers have been found, initially reported by rbb. In fact, many phone numbers are one or two digits too short or too long, while others are made up. An advertisement is missing any contact information. So is this a concerted action to prevent compulsory vaccination?

Other newspapers were also affected

Similar cases have also been noticed in other parts of Germany, for example in the newspapers “Fränkischer Bote” and “Traunsteiner Tageblatt”. The portal “t-online” reports that opponents of vaccinations in the messenger service Telegram had agreed on January 29. to “flood” the “Heilbronner Voice” with job applications from unvaccinated nurses.

The suspicion is therefore that the vast majority of these job applications are forged. When asked by the FAZ, the publisher of the “Oberlausitzer Kurier” explained that most of the advertisements were placed online and that the bank details were “plausibly attributable to the client”. The price per ad is between eleven and 20 euros, no violations have been found, only “a few ads with direct political messages” have been rejected.

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