Arms deliveries to Ukraine not the right way

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Asselborn: Weapons deliveries to Ukraine not the right way © Harald Kaster/VRM/dpa

Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn is critical of arms deliveries to Ukraine despite the Russian threat.

Berlin – “I think it’s really wrong to make it clear to people that the military superiority that exists between Russia and Ukraine can now be balanced with weapons. I don’t think that works, »said Asselborn on Monday morning on Deutschlandfunk. In his opinion, a large majority in NATO wants to avoid war – accordingly, one should not go into “war logic”.

It was the right way to make it very clear “with the tools of diplomacy that a Russian invasion of Ukraine will not be accepted”. Intervention in Ukraine will not be a victory for Russia. “We will then be thrown back years worldwide in terms of international diplomacy,” says Asselborn. «No one in the European Union relies on a military logic of its own. We have to keep a path clear for diplomacy».

The EU foreign ministers will meet in Brussels on Monday for consultations, and the tense situation between Russia and Ukraine will also be an issue. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken wants to connect via video. (dpa)

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