Berlin suspends attendance at schools

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A student in homeschooling © Jonas Güttler / dpa

In view of the increasing corona numbers, compulsory attendance in schools in Berlin will be suspended from Tuesday.

Berlin – The measure should initially apply until the end of February, as the Senate Department for Education announced on Monday. There are now high numbers of infections in children and adolescents. In addition, the Berlin medical officers announced last week that in future they would no longer quarantine schoolchildren for direct contact persons.

With the suspension of compulsory attendance, parents now have “temporarily more flexibility in deciding whether their children should attend school,” it said. However, face-to-face teaching remains the norm. If parents decide against the presence of their child in the school, the school must be informed “immediately in writing”.

“We are on the side of the children, young people and families in this city,” said Education Senator Astrid-Sabine Busse (SPD). Therefore, the main goal of keeping the schools open is being adhered to. However, she considers the temporary suspension of compulsory attendance to be “appropriate”. “In this way we accommodate concerned parents and at the same time ensure schooling and care for all those who want to go to school.”


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