Casado criticizes Vox for its ‘silence’ in the face of the Ukraine crisis and underlines its “inconsistency”




The President of the People’s Party, Paul Married, has confirmed this Monday in ‘Herrera in the Cope that none of Pedro Sánchez’s calls in recent days due to the Ukraine crisis has been to the opposition leader, with whom he has not had a meeting for a year and a half. “Sánchez has decided not to count on the opposition,” he said. Even so, Casado has reiterated the PP’s support for the Government on this state issue.

Casado has also indicated that he has not listened to Vox opinion on this issue, who on other occasions, has said, has spoken out in favor of Putin. “It is the incoherence of parties that do not have management experience,” he commented.

The leader of the PP has stressed that there are basic issues that differentiate his party from Vox, such as the issue of the configuration of the European Union or the management of European funds. Even so, he has wondered what Vox and Ciudadanos contribute that the PP does not defend. Precisely about citizens He did not want to put an end to this party, but he did stress that “it has not been useful to its voters.”

Regarding elections in Castilla y León, the president of the PP has commented that his party is “the one from the countryside”. «The Government of Sánchez is attacking the rural sector, Yolanda Díaz began and Alberto Garzón continued. It is a sector from which two million families eat and it is a pure Spain brand ».

Regarding the local parties that are emerging, Casado has stressed that they are not necessary: ​​«More multipartyism is not needed, we have already seen what the breakdown of alternation has led to, when there have been more parties there have been more transfers to the independentistas, and Mañueco can continue to perfectly represent the rural world».

The leader of the PP has trusted that his party does not need the yes of other parties in the investiture of Mañueco, which would allow him to govern alone after February 13. “We ask that with the health, economic, social, rural, industrial crisis, we ask for stability for everything and that is provided by strong governments, which can apply their measures, to lower taxes or shield public services,” he said.

“If Juanma and Alfonso revalidate now, as Isabel did, we send a message that we will do it later in the Government of the Nation,” he warned.

In the interview in Cope, Casado has indicated that he supports the management of Isabel Diaz Ayuso because “it worked”. Carlos Herrera’s question was whether the conflict with the PP in Madrid had ended, but the issue has been dodged that way.

The president of the PP has insisted on the distribution of the european funds by the Government of Sánchez: “The funds are for the Spaniards, not for the socialists,” Casado stressed.

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