Climate activists are blocking streets in Berlin for better agricultural conditions

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After a call from Olaf Scholz, climate activist Henning Jeschke is eating and drinking again. At a press conference on Saturday, he demanded that SPD chancellor candidate Scholz declare a climate emergency. (Archive image) © Jörg Carstensen/dpa

Climate protectors tried to block streets in Berlin on Monday morning.

According to the organizers, the ramps to the A103 motorway in Steglitz and the A114 in Pankow were affected. The police confirmed that they were in action because of the actions in both places. Photos on Twitter showed some people in safety vests sitting on the road.

Behind them are some of the activists who went on hunger strike for weeks just before the federal elections last year. Now they are demanding a law against food waste and decisions for more sustainable agriculture from the federal government.

The reason: In Germany, around ten million foods are thrown away every year, which causes 22 million tons of carbon dioxide. Those emissions could easily be reduced, the group, which calls itself the Last Generation Insurgency, said.

With their hunger strike, two young activists had reached a public conversation with the then chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz (SPD) about the climate crisis. The meeting took place in November. (dpa)

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