Climate activists temporarily block streets in Berlin

EAbout two dozen climate activists from the group “Uprising of the Last Generation” started traffic blockades in Berlin’s rush hour traffic on Monday. They want to protest for sustainable agriculture and against food waste. On Monday morning, according to the police, the young people blocked, among other things, a driveway to the A103 motorway at Steglitz town hall. They also blocked a federal highway in Prenzlauer Berg while sitting or standing.

The blockades are intended to be the prelude to further actions with which the “rebellion of the last generation” sees itself in the tradition of “civil resistance”. The group expressly does not want to use violence. As she announced, “massive trunk roads in Germany” are to be blocked in the coming days.

The aim is to persuade the federal government to immediately submit a “food rescue law” that obliges large supermarkets “to provide food that is still edible and thus to take action against food waste”. This was preceded by a hunger strike, which in November led to a conversation with the current Federal Chancellor, Olaf Scholz (SPD), as well as various “container” campaigns, most recently in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Ravensburg.

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Members of the “last generation uprising” took food out of supermarket dumpsters and gave it away to the public. They protested against the fact that millions of tons of food in Germany end up in the garbage every year.

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