Coronavirus: We can dismiss a position of the Consell de Mallorca for criticizing the Covid passport and the restrictions: “It is a Nazi measure”

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The second vice-president of the Consell de Mallorca and minister of Sustainability and the Environment, Aurora Ribot, has announced the dismissal of the insular director of the Environment, Josep Manchado, who in recent days has spoken on his social networks against covid passport in a humorous tone Ribot, who is part of the Podemos coordination council in the Balearic Islands, has alleged a loss of confidence and political discrepancies in a brief statement.

In recent weeks, Manchado had publicly expressed himself against the Covid passport and had posted messages on social networks supporting the tennis player Novak Djokovic, after his expulsion from the Australian Open for not accrediting his vaccination. «Forza Nole!!! Millions of people are with you» or «Djokovic, forza Nole! with a couple”, were some of the comments he dedicated to the Serbian tennis player.

In another publication he posted a photo of a flock of sheep with the following message: «I took this photo in Patagonia, it is neither Palma nor Spain these days». In another he insisted: «In these days of so many disappointments, of seeing people who respected, admired and wanted to become a fearful and marginalized herd…».

After hearing the news of his dismissal, Manchado wrote on his Facebook: «Today I find that I have been terminated for thinking differently think differently, for not being a herd… My goodness with what Podemos is becoming, what a way to destroy a dream and a utopia. Now a new stage begins without any Stalinist corset that implies my forced silence.

The dismissed senior official has clarified that It’s not anti-vaccine and has complained that he has to put up with being called “Baby beauties” for defending an opinion outside the «official line». He has also attacked Podemos for “becoming a place where you cannot disagree” and for supporting the covid passport, “a terrible measure” that, in his opinion, has “very clear Nazi and fascist reminiscences.”

In statements to IB3’s Al Dia, Manchado defended that the management of the pandemic should focus on “going to the doctor and caring for the sick, and not on whore at the nosick». He acknowledges that his dismissal had been expected for days, although the discrepancies with the party came from afar, since he did not support the “closures” – confinements – of 2020 nor now the Covid passport, which was “a Red line» for him and that it has finally been «the straw that broke the camel’s back». “I maintain a fight for freedom and for fundamental rights, which are constantly being violated,” he said, playing down the “jokes” he has made on his networks on other issues such as antigen test.

“There comes a time political correctness in which there is a single thought and if they don’t crucify you. Every time an anti-vaccine person dies I see everything. Have you seen Risto Mejide’s program, because it seems that the only joke is mine? “He defended himself.

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