Demand support – pensioners flashed off at Minister Mückstein

From daily groceries to heating bills, prices go up and up. In view of the enormous wave of inflation, pensioners are insisting on further support. The senior citizens’ representatives came to a meeting with Social Affairs Minister Wolfgang Mückstein on Monday with a full catalog of demands. And flashed off.

“Gas costs seven times more than in the previous year, heating oil increased in price by 21.3 percent in 2021. These cost increases are offset by a pension adjustment of 1.8 percent. You don’t have to be an economics expert to be able to calculate: That’s not possible,” said the President of the Pensioners’ Association, Peter Kostelka (SPÖ), in the run-up to the appointment , a “winter subsidy” of 300 euros for pensioners with low incomes, a reduction in VAT on household energy and an improvement in the pension adjustment. Disillusionment among pensioners’ representatives After the appointment with Social Affairs Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens), disillusionment spread among the pensioners. The minister did not address a single point, gave no answer, did not show any perspective, not even on other important issues such as care, reports Ingrid Korosec, President of the Senior Citizens’ Association (ÖVP). “Those were empty kilometers,” said Kostelka to the “Krone”. Mückstein, on the other hand, was quite pleased with the conversation, he thanked them and referred to the measures that had already been taken. An appointment between the pensioners’ representatives and Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) is reportedly in the works.

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