Despite high corona numbers: calls for relaxation are getting louder

In addition, the curfew at 10 p.m. is under discussion. But nothing is likely to change for the time being.

Retailers, who were moderately enthusiastic about the G-status controls from the start, put the pressure on on Monday. Trade chairman Rainer Trefelik said that since the vaccination requirement applies everywhere, it would be a legal contradiction in terms to check it selectively in the trade. The epidemiological point of view also speaks for the abolition of the 2G obligation in retail, where a mask obligation applies to all those who want to shop anyway, compliance with which almost completely eliminates the risk of infection.

After the deputy club boss Jörg Leichtfried was last quoted as saying that the lockdown for the unvaccinated was apparently ineffective, the Burgenland governor Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) followed up on Monday. He can imagine an end to the restrictions on the unimmunized. Although the wave of infections is currently at its peak, the hospitals are not under the same strain as in previous waves.

Criticism by Doskozil and Meinl-Reisinger

This has not yet been discussed with the state governors or the federal government, but under certain conditions, such as paid tests, one can talk about an end to the lockdown for the unvaccinated, Doskozil believes. He can also imagine postponing the curfew.

He’s on the same wavelength as them there NEOS. The lockdown for the unvaccinated is “disproportionate and unconstitutional” and in combination with 2G “pure harassment,” said Chairwoman Beate Meinl-Reisinger in the run-up to a club retreat for her group. You can’t keep the unvaccinated locked up at home. The 10 p.m. curfew should also be abolished, Meinl-Reisinger demanded. That costs a lot of money and puts companies under further pressure. The FPÖ rejected the corresponding measures anyway from the start.

Video: Meinl-Reisinger criticizes the lockdown for the unvaccinated

Of course, there are no signals from the government to relax, especially now that the peak of the omicron wave has not yet been reached. Neither the Chancellery nor the Ministry of Health wanted to know about relevant plans in the near future. A proposal to this effect would have to come from the Gecko advisory board anyway. However, the group is only likely to approach the government with proposals towards the end of the week.

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