Downing Street Police: Statements are the focus of the investigation

According to a media report, statements by police forces deployed in Downing Street are said to play a central role in the processing of the lockdown parties in the British seat of government.

LONDON – Police officers who were on duty at the various meetings at Downing Street are said to have made “extremely damaging” statements when questioning officer Sue Gray, the usually pro-government Telegraph reported on Monday.

A Scotland Yard spokesman declined to give the paper details, saying they are in regular contact with the Cabinet Office, where Officer Gray is employed, about the inquiry. Their report is expected to be presented this week. An inside source told the Telegraph about the explosiveness of her statements: “To put it that way, I would be surprised if Boris Johnson is still prime minister at the end of the week.” A number of Conservative MPs want to wait for the report before deciding whether to vote no confidence in the prime minister. Should 54 conservative parliamentarians do this, there would be a vote of no confidence.

The police are particularly in focus in the Partygate affair. So far, the forces have not been involved in investigating the allegedly illegal parties – according to Sue Gray’s report, however, this could change. It is also questionable why the police did not act earlier when emergency services noticed events that could now damage the government.

A Tory MP wanted to speak to police earlier this week about alleged blackmail attempts in Parliament. (dpa)

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