ERC and Bildu increase the pressure on the Government and demand that Robles and Albares appear over Ukraine




The sending of Spanish troops to Ukraine raises the tension between the Government and its partners, a full final stretch for the negotiation of the labor reform. ERC Y eh Bildu they squeeze the Executive and this Monday they have demanded the appearances of the Minister of Defense, Margaret Oaks, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albares, in Congress.

These two “preferred” allies of Pedro Sanchez have promoted both petitions together with Together (party of the fugitive Carles Puigdemont), CUP Y BNG, as signatory parties of the Lloret de Mar declaration in 2019 for the defense of the right to self-determination.

Therefore, other partners of the Socialists, such as We can, United Left, More Country, Compromise The Together We Can who last Friday joined Collect, BNG Y CUP in the signing of a manifesto against sending Spanish troops and weapons to the area.

ERC Y Collect justify the appearance of Robles in which he must “expose the reasons that lead to the government to promote the direct involvement of the Spanish State in the serious crisis produced between Russia and Ukraine and the OTAN». These groups maintain that the sending of Spanish troops to neighboring states entails “the risk of fueling the tension in the conflict.”

As to Albares, consider it necessary to explain “the positioning and involvement of Spain” in this crisis. A request that does not bother the Executive since the Minister of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday his intention to appear urgently this Tuesday at the Congress to give explanations about it, and called the spokespersons of various parliamentary groups to let them know.

ERC and Bildu also ask that it offer explanations for “the actions that the government proposes to take in the face of the escalation” that is taking place in the area.To

Albares’s request to appear tomorrow had not reached Congress first thing in the morning and has not yet been confirmed. The Table of the House has to take cognizance of it, which could be done today for reasons of urgency.

Tomorrow, moreover, is a day with a complicated agenda in Congress. There are calls for the Permanent Deputation at 10:00 a.m. and for an extraordinary plenary session at 4:00 p.m., which prevents a committee session from being held while these appointments last. Socialist sources, however, underline their intention to seek accommodation for the minister’s request in the gaps that remain.

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