From the Schnedlitz office – FPÖ: Employees march with right-wing extremists

The FPÖ and its proximity to the extreme right. A seemingly endless story with always new chapters. The youngest takes place in the office of Secretary General Michael Schnedlitz. He has a new young office worker who reveals a closeness to Identitarians.

Peter Aschauer is a member of the FPÖ and has been state chairman of the Freedom Youth in Burgenland for around a year. And he is close to the Identitarians. Joint appearances at events. At Corona demos. There, where borders are sometimes blurred and neo-Nazis march alongside identitarians. What does General Schnedlitz say? “There is no discussion on this topic in the FPÖ. From our point of view, the Identitarian Movement is a kind of NGO on the right.” There is a board decision within the FPÖ: It is not possible to be a member of the Identitarians and the FPÖ at the same time. “Peter Aschauer has done a good job with the liberal youth. You have to promote young political talent.” Aschauer himself says: “I’m not a member of the Identitarian Movement – although it’s quite possible that it represents liberal positions and that there are overlaps in content. For example, as did Greenpeace in the question of nuclear power. “As one of the main carriers of modernized right-wing extremism.” Incidentally, they are banned in France.

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