How to choose the best microwave dish

You are probably here because you need to replace the microwave plate. Whether due to a breakage or for any other reason you need, we come here to show you what we believe are the 3 Best Microwave Dishes that we have found.

The microwave plate is one of the most important parts of this instrument to heat food quickly. A microwavable plate should be perfectly fit to base, to make sure that tour from right way and the heat can be distributed evenly.

The universal microwave plates, two of which you will find among our recommendations, are those that adapt to most models on the market. you will also be able to find microwave dishes from 270 mm.

We always look for specially selected purchases that are absolutely reliable. Any of the microwave plates you find here are articles that stand out for their positive opinions and also for being best-selling items. Take a look at these special purchases.

Maddocks Universal Microwave Plate

The universal microwave plate from Maddocks is one of the highest rated you can find on Amazon. Practically 3 out of 4 people value it with 5 stars.

This universal microwave plate offers a standard size of 245 mm and a classic plate design with 3 fixatives for the base. It is an accessory for the microwave made of glass, very durable and with a very long useful life.

Several buyers with Philips and Teka brand appliances highlight how fits perfectly and its excellent value for money.

Microwave turntable 270mm Vioks

It is Spinning plate for microwave 270 mm It is also another of the best valued purchases that can be found within its category, 7 out of 10 people value it with 5 stars.

It is a 270mm microwave turntable made of high quality glass. His glass plate is resistant to shock and high temperatures. This type of material is odorless and of course suitable for all types of food.

Also, the 270mm microwave turntable we show you is very easy to clean. You just have to wipe it with a cloth with water, to finish the job in a few seconds.

Microwave plate 245mm Recamania

The microwave plate from 245 mm of Recamania is the best seller on Amazon. It is a 245 mm microwave plate that adapts to most of this type of appliance, since it is universal.

Here we are talking about a universal microwave plate from spanish manufacture, specifically from La Mancha, by a firm with more than 40 years of experience in the electrical appliance industry.

Like most accessories of this type, it has 3 notches at the bottom to fit the base. This 245mm microwave plate has dimensions of ‎25.8 x 25.8 x 2.3 cm and a weight of 610g.

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