Immigration to the EU will continue to increase

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Again and again people try to reach Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. © Bruno Thevenin/AP/dpa/symbol picture

More and more people are trying to come to Europe from abroad and gain a foothold here. How the EU deals with this trend also depends on some elections this year.

According to the Viennese migration think tank ICMPD, the trend of increasing immigration to the EU already observed in 2021 will continue this year.

In 2021, almost 200,000 migrants illegally crossed the borders to the EU – that was an increase of around 57 percent compared to 2020 and 38 percent more than 2019, said the think tank in Vienna. There are signs that the year 2022 will be particularly crucial for development in the coming years, said ICPDM Director Michael Spindelegger. The Institute assumes that the situation in Afghanistan and Syria, as well as the insufficient economic growth in Africa, are driving people to migrate.

How will the course of the EU?

The important elections that will take place in 2022 would show how Europe reacts to the increasing migration, it said. In the upcoming elections in France, Italy, Hungary and Serbia, among others, the issue of migration will play an important role. France’s attitude in particular will be groundbreaking. In contrast to the new German federal government, which is promoting more solidarity, according to the ICMPD, many candidates are trying to distinguish themselves in other EU countries with a tougher migration course. The EU states would have to consider that by 2050 the number of people able to work would fall by 13 percent. The Corona crisis has already shown that the EU also needs workers from outside its borders.

Founded in 1993, the think tank ICMPD with around 460 employees supports governments in finding viable solutions to the challenges associated with migration. The Center has 19 member states. dpa

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